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New masters Austrian Uhlans

Here the first shots of the new masters of Austrian Uhlans.


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44 spare heads are in production now, hopefully for sale in April, they belong to the french army and cover different units and periods of the era, they will be divided in different packages per unit with some multiple copies per head. They are in metal . will follow some allies sets which can be used well with french army bodies.




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The shop is open for a test ride

The shop will be open for few days in order to learn the process, we have few sets still available so hurry up and get them. For the unlucky ones who can't find what they where looking for, don't worry, in few weeks we will try to provide you with a full stock.

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Austrian Hussars in Metal

From Master Schilling, the test casts in metal, first set of Franznap Armies, better for war gamers, the details are amazing. Soon for sale, will follow the french lancers.



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Napoleon crossing the Alps by David

All the first months of the year used for hand finishing the first products in resin, a very frustrating and boring job.... So i thought of reproducing the famous Jaques Louis David painting of the Alps Crossing, he made 5 different versions between 1801 and 1805. I will made a Limited Edition of it.



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