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Franznap Miniatures recension in Plastic Soldier Review

The first recensions are coming out  from this authoritative voice on plastic miniatures, we are very pleased we passed through their critical expertise with minor stains, and some how we feel this recognition as the"official" entry to miniature world. Hurrah !!!!


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Austrian Hussars now available for sale !!!

The first set of "Armies" is ready for sale !!!! The sets consists in 8 mounted figures, in 2x4 poses, which are casted from the same masters of their resin counterparts: only one figure is different . The detail quality is the same of the resin ones, thanks to the experience of Meister Schilling. Soon will follow the french lancers and some command figures. this set is very useful for war gaming purposes .

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WIP Austrian Uhlans

Some more Uhlans, and Work in progress...


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