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Austrian Hussars Skirmishing master ready

Here a small set with Austrian Hussars shooting, I added an NCO to the initially 3 miniatures and the set is ready. The standing horses can be used alternatively with the FA-001 or FA-002 sets. With the addition of a set of casualties and a mounted colonel i think i covered enough for this unit.



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Austrian Uhlans masters ready

The Masters of the Austrian Uhlans are ready, they will go to the producer soon, and fit 2 sets in metal:

Austrian Uhlans Command 4 mounted figures + spare arms

Austrian Uhlans Troopers 4 mounted figures with detached arm

the unit is depicted in the uniform of 1809, but it can easily converted to the later one, the uniform accuracy is very high.



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Marins de la Garde masters ready !!!

The next release is ready to go to production:

French Marins de la Garde Command: 6 marching figures

French Marins de la Garde Troops : 6 marching figures 

French Marins de la Garde Monted Officer : 1 mounted figure


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