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Pontonniers ready

Finally the 6 sets of the French Pontonniers are ready. They will be released for pre order in the coming days. Will be possible to buy  battle pack options with discount or bonuses. We have 4 sets, each one with one team of 6 figures : Team 1 Carrying the beams; Team 2 Mounting the bridge; Team 3 In the pontoon; Team 4 in the river; A command set and a Bonus  one of 4 figures and accessories. The complete series included some already available sets like the pontoon carriages and the horses teams / drivers.

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Teaming up with Westfalia Miniatures

yes is true!!! we join forces with the best carriages maker in the market : Niels Rullkotter. Franznap miniatures soon will have his beautiful pieces to go with our crews. Franznap will return the pleasure teaming up with Westfalia Miniatures  for a new adventure in 28mm.

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