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Painted Lancers from Mauritius Pictor

Wow!!!! finally some masterpieces from Mauritius, he is painting some of my miniatures,more coming soon.... Mauritius Pictor Miniatures check him on Facebook



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Hat Austrian Grenadiers

Waiting from my first sets to come, i got back in time when i was only painting, and i enjoyed this time. Now something about this set: it is definitively not the HAT standard. I believe is made for fast painters, probably very easy with black priming, but not very fancy for detail painters, the undercuts fillings are really taking away a lot of details, like in the shoulders where the greatcoat is, and the flesh very difficult to take away so i gave up and painted them with it on.

I think i did my best and after all the effect is no too bad, Hat forgiven though .......

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Hat Bavarian Infantry

Here some painted Hat Bavarians, I mixed the two boxes produced by Hat, and added the flag, i also added the schutzen with green plumet.

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HAT Saxon infantry 1806

Follow up of the  HAT Saxon Infantry, i made a flag bearer, and painted some schutzen with green pompon. I also completed the officer with sash and gorget. The regiment is the Prinz Anton. I add also the grenadier officer which i converted the carabine on shoulder and the grenadier NCO's bayonet. 

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HAT Saxon Grenadiers

Bach from holidays took out from the bench these Hat test shots which were laying there from ages, i enjoyed painting again after months of sculpting, i think despite the bold appearance, these miniatures are nice to paint; i had particularly fun in painting the white uniforms trying to difference the shades of the different clothes and to weather them as in campaign..... it must have been a nightmare to keep clean and tidy white uniforms in that time, i not envy them! 

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