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Murat King of Neaples Limited Editions

Here the painted test cast of the second Limited Editions of Franznap Miniatures, King Murat depicted as King of Neaples, i used the horse from the Gros painting, and the uniform from other prints of his time in Neaples, you can see he is wearing mustaches, as i found in the portrait from the time 1812/14
Will be released in 100 numbered copies under the label  Limited Editions , soon available here.

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Other test painted

I tried also this Neapolitan Guardsman, the back pack, cartridge pouch and sabre are a part piece, here the paint test as Granatiere and Velite della Guardia.

Despite the sculpture (which was one of the first) has some small problems of proportions, the painted ones are very impressive.

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More Neapolitans

Two more from the test mold : in Yellow an officer of Ussari della Guardia, with the white horse an ADC of the King.

the first one can be painted also as Guide and as late guard Hussar.


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New mounted Neapolitan officers

Here some new masters for the Neapolitan General Staff, with King Murat Himself and a Major of the Guides

see all the picts in the section Sculpting and Casting ; i'm now busy with more horses.

I'm also ready with the french lancers masrers second group .

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Two mounted neapolitan ADC

Here 2 almost finished first mounted officers, a general staff ADC 1813 , and an ADC of the King Murat. 


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