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 French Light infantry 1806

 Russian Artillery Forge   Russian ADC and his cossack   Russian Cuirassiers Major  Officer of Mameluques  Russian Cuirassiers winter coat  Russian Guard Hussars  French Carabiners Off.   Russian Pavlov Rgt.  Cavalleggiero Napoletano  Neapolitans "en marche"  Prisoner                         Russians in Greatcoats  Red Lancers Patrol   General Colbert   Izoumsky Rgt.             Russian Generals  Dutch Grenadier  2me Porte Aigle  French Infantry 1815  Ataman Platov  Cacadores   Irregular cossacks  Scots Greys  Hussards du 3eme  Miscellanea      French Artillery  Vivandiere and civilians  French Medical Staff  Russian Army Mischellanea

Pavlograd Hussars

Alexander I and his staff

Russian Pharmacy and medics

Russian Foot artillery

Russian Horse artillery 1806

Russian Horse Opolchenie

Guard Polish Lancer veteran

Russian Guard hussar

Russian Horse Guards 1812

Russian Jagers and Mounted Jagers

Don Cossack's Artillery

Don Cossack

Russian Horse Artillery of the Guard

British Artillery and Rocket troops

British 95th Rgt The Rifles

French Horse Grenadiers

Russian Grenadiers 1805

Russian Jagers 1805

Lutzov Freikorps

Nederland Militia 1815

Nassau Grenadiers

French Dragoons "en route"

Austrian Hussar

Les Lanciers Rouges

Bavarian Dragoons

Bavarian Wurst Ammunition Caisson

Bavarian Artillery Limber

Swedish Horseguards

Swedish Carabiners and Cuirassier

French Line Infantry 1812

Russian Guard Foot Artillery

British Infantry Peninsula

British Light infantry Peninsula

French infantry in greatcoat 1806

French Dragoon Forge

Swedish Dragoons

Swedish Hussars

Austrian Waggon

Austrian 6pdr gun and limber

Austrian Fuhrwesen

Austrian Cavalry Artillery

Old Airfix

Prussian Hussars 1806

Prussian Hussar Bugler 1806

French Dragoons (2)

Russian Cuirassiers winter dress

French dragoon Camp