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NEW: 3D Print Bavarian Artillery direct buy at the Shapeways Shop!!!!

February 22, 2017

Great News, the first items in 3D print are available at the new FranznapMiniatures3D Shop !!!! See the link in the above menu. The first release is the Bavarian Ordonance Manson System, with the 3 calibre guns, 6pdr,12pdr, and 7pdr owitzer, the limber , ammunition wagon and wurst wagon. the metal version of them will be released after in the Armies series.

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First Sculpt 28mm

March 13, 2014

Here my real first attempt on 28mm, I'm doing as test for my friends of Westfalia Miniatures, here compared in proportions with a Perry.


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December 4, 2013

Become my friends in Facebook !!!! Almost daily i post new things and from the past ; share my community. WELCOME


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June 16, 2013


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Guides de Bonaparte head

June 15, 2013

Yestrday i tried a new technique for sculpting headgears i learned from my german friends, here the first result... may be will be followed by the entire figure...






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New masters Austrian Uhlans

March 26, 2013

Here the first shots of the new masters of Austrian Uhlans.


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The shop is open for a test ride

March 17, 2013

The shop will be open for few days in order to learn the process, we have few sets still available so hurry up and get them. For the unlucky ones who can't find what they where looking for, don't worry, in few weeks we will try to provide you with a full stock.

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Austrian Hussars in Metal

March 9, 2013

From Master Schilling, the test casts in metal, first set of Franznap Armies, better for war gamers, the details are amazing. Soon for sale, will follow the french lancers.



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Other test painted

March 24, 2012

I tried also this Neapolitan Guardsman, the back pack, cartridge pouch and sabre are a part piece, here the paint test as Granatiere and Velite della Guardia.

Despite the sculpture (which was one of the first) has some small problems of proportions, the painted ones are very impressive.

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Coming back

September 7, 2010

Hi everybody, after my wedding and move to new house I'm finally ready to dig into franznap production.....

have many things waiting to be finished.... keep posted and soon you will have some surprise .



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Franznap Lancers 2 Serie test cast

May 11, 2010

Finally i had some time for home casting the second Series of the French Line Lancers .

The spare heads and arms allows different variations, one horse has spare saddlecloth to be used as  private and officer one.

These tests are not ready for production, but help me to check the feasibility of the sculptures .

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Murat and other

May 4, 2010

Having very few time for my favorite hobby, i post here some advancing steps in sculpting, the King Murat, some horses sculpture and 2 attempt on foot miniatures which i would make in a serie, a drummer boy which can fit many napoleon armies and an Highlandres NCO which could be part of a Colour party.

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Ussaro della Guardia del Regno di Napoli

December 13, 2009

An other entry in the Neapolitan Staff sculpting group, here a Guard Hussar  which can also be used as Guide and as ADC of Murat,

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My first horse sculpt almost finished

November 24, 2009

My first horse sculpt will be the one of a Lancers Officer, which head I've already done , although the anatomy is not super perfect, and the front legs are a bit shorter i'm quite satisfied of the result, see the progress in the sculpt page.

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French Legere 1806

November 18, 2009

Hat posted my version of their Light infantry 1806 look at them here;

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French Lancer conversion

October 30, 2009

Here a conversion of a French lancer, i used the Italeri French Dragoons main body and i made the details with greenstuff i will sculpt the officer and i will cast them.

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Jena : a poem

October 23, 2009

i just received this beautiful poem (in italian) by my older and mor beloved friend Stefano Bonfreschi, painter in Modena,

it is an honor to post it here.


JENA, 14 ottobre 1806 

la terra
era così nera
che pareva notte
e miriadi di pezzi
quasi come stelle
volavano nell’aria

fumavano i cavalli
e rimbombava il cielo
nella carica

ma io
rimasi indietro

quasi mi fossi rotto

sentivo sulla lingua
un denso gusto
di polvere da sparo e di sudore
che associai
per una volta ancora
con l'ultimo sapore
che ha 

la nostalgia 

Thank you Stefano

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Austrian Jagers Conversion

August 5, 2009

I finally made a long time desired conversion: The "Grey Devils", one of the best light infantry units of the Napoleonic Era, about them General de Ligne wrote: "You should not tell a recruit: 'I will make you into a jager !' You must instead take them from the forests. They know how to perch on a rock, how to conceal themselves in one of those fissures which open in the ground after a great drought, or hide behind a mighty oak. They make their way slowly and softly, so as not to make any sound, and in a such a way they can creep up on a post and take it by surprise, or shoot down the enemy generals." The conversion went more simple than thought, with Hat Austrian Line Infantry,  cutting the shako and adding a paper brim which upturn on the left side. The powder horn and the ramrod of the rifle, optionally shorten the rifle  and add its belt. 

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